Today we welcome Ryo

Welcome Ryo

We're pleased to announce a new member joining us here at Picnic Software - Ryo Yamada.

Ryo has only just recently arrived from Tokyo, Japan.

We were very pleased when he approached us after seeing a job posting for this position, we were able to move through our interview process smoothly with him, and as a result have refined the process and documented it up on CoderWall under the 'Interviewing at Picnic Software' section.

In a great twist of fate Ryo was available and eager to start as soon as possible and here at Picnic Software we are able to move quickly to have a new team member join us. Thanks to some quick custom PC building from a local supplier, and an even quicker turnaround from new monitors from dell.

You will be able to find Ryo here on this blog, on GitHub and on CoderWall.

Nick Josevski
Posted by: Nick Josevski  
Last revised: 04 Apr, 2013 03:37 AM


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