Ruchi joins us to further complement our high quality software standards.

Welcome Ruchi

I'm again glad to announce another addition to the Picnic team - Ruchi Khare.

Ruchi is joining us to lead the Quality Assurance process for our applications. As we push towards shipping high quality releases to our customers Ruchi will be the gate keeper green or red-lighting releases.

Ruchi has an interesting background in Test Management and Quality Assurance for some very large Organisations, including ones with what seems to be unfortunatly complicated business processes.

We're glad to have her on board, we are confident our applications are far from complicated in the bad way, but will still have lots to keep Ruchi busy as we strive for a high level of quality and polish.

Nick Josevski
Posted by: Nick Josevski  
Last revised: 18 Mar, 2014 09:30 AM


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