Today we welcome Dave Churchill.

Welcome Dave

We're very pleased to announce a new software engineer joining us here at Picnic Software - David Churchill.

It took us on and off a few months to find and secure a top candidate like Dave, we're excited to have his experience and talent added to our team.

Dave has an interesting background; from a Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering degree to working in Superannuation sector then to a research focused sector resulting in the Badumna network engine, all that combined with solid software engineering skills and a strong interest in Functional Programming.

It's also worth checking out his MicroBee emulator that's written in JavaScript.

You will be able to find Dave here on this blog, on StackOverflow, GitHub and rarely on twitter.

Nick Josevski
Posted by: Nick Josevski  
Last revised: 22 Apr, 2014 12:34 AM


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