Today we welcome Basarat Ali Syed.

Welcome Basarat

We're very pleased to announce a new software engineer joining us here at Picnic Software - Basarat Ali Syed.

Basarat (Bas) is a very active member of the Melbourne software development community. He approached us at a time when we had just made offers to our other recent new starters, we had to tell him he was great but we couldn't make him an offer yet.

Luckily a few weeks later with more information on what we're building this year combined with the desire for more developers we got him in for another quick chat and made the offer.

You will be able to find Bas here on this blog, on twitter, he also has his own personal technical blog at and on GitHub.

One more thing, go and check out his technical walk-through videos on YouTube an example is "Debugging TypeScript with Visual Studio".

Nick Josevski
Posted by: Nick Josevski  
Last revised: 17 Jun, 2013 12:02 AM


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