I wanted to rattle off the tools we use to help build our software as an introduction to some later posts where we'll dig deeper into processes that the tools help facilitate.

Tool Set

We use a wide variety of tools and applications to build our software, I wanted to list them off and introduce some of the choices, as it'll be relevant to some future posts about our process and choices.

Issue Tracking / Development Planning

  • FogBugz For our team size and ease of use we're with an On-demand account
  • Trello When multiple developers are working on a single complex task together.

Continuous Deployment & Integration

Team city detects pushes to a particular git branch, on a successful build it pushes those changes to a 'stable-dev' branch.

  • Team City 7
  • Octopus Deploy - Interesting post on this coming soon.
  • NuGet - We maintain an internal NuGet mirror with altered versions of packages specific to our needs

Source Control

  • Primarily Git on GitHub where we host our PicnicBasket account with some forks of the .NET libraries we use.
  • GitHub for Windows
  • Mercurial (used for other repositories not specific to the main code branch).

Some Typical .NET Developer Tools

Misc Tools


  • ChainSaw - RabbitMQ level inspection
  • Fiddler - Http level inspection
  • NHProf - NHibernate level inspection
  • MetroTwit - For complaining about problems on twitter when the first 3 tools + StackOverflow.com don't resolve the problem.
Nick Josevski
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