After a great end to 2013, we're looking forward to an even greater 2014.

Hello 2014

Picnic Software has had a very busy year since Scott and Bas joined us in May and June respectively. With Pic Me launched and up and running we returned back to building software for our larger customers.

We again focused on intuitive design and UX, along with targeting minimal viable production size releases to get the application features into the hands of users sooner so we could get relevant feedback when it’s most relevant.

We've adopted some interesting front and back end technologies - primarily revolving around Angular, TypeScript and F#, Event Store but by no means limited to just those.

We’ll have a post soon about our tech stack going forward and reasons why we moved away from some of the tech we used in Pic Me.

On a final note, we’re looking for more software developers and other supporting team members to join us this year, so please drop us a line if you’re interested drop us a line..

Nick Josevski
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Last revised: 19 Jan, 2015 06:01 AM


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