Thanks for all your hard work Ryo as you head back home to Japan.

Farewell Ryo

Back in March, Ryo having only just arrived from Japan came in for an interview; we were so impressed we had him start only a few days later. He helped us ship Pic Me quickly picking up a new tech stack, languages and environment he was not familiar with it.

This goes to show that writing software is about understanding core concepts, analysis and problem solving more than languages/frameworks/stacks even operating systems (Ryo was thrown into the Windows and Visual Studio deep end).

As the team grew we became a larger happy family, we were all sad when we were faced with the approaching end of his term with us here at Picnic. His existing plans to return to Japan to finish the masters part of his course were approaching.

This is turning into a reference letter for Ryo and he does deserve it; he was an integral member of the team in owning parts of the application logic and implementations. Ryo is a very capable software developer who could run with tasks, ask the right questions and propose possible solutions for further analysis.

We all wish him the best in his studies and future endeavours.

Ryo Yamada

See ya mate!

Nick Josevski
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