Increased agility with a card wall.

Card Wall

This month we move wholeheartedly from purely digital card wall run on the app Pivotal Tracker to making use of a large section of wall in our office.

As we've grown away from our other tools like Trello and also grown in team size what we used to solve more easily in the digital space looks to be better solved with physical cards. To not knock digital solutions we did a good job delivering Pic Me using FogBugz combined with Trello.

We're aiming for more visibility and a new place slightly removed from our desks to gather around, discuss plan and re-arrange.

The estimates and progress are more visible this way. Everyone seeing the cards move to the "done" area is starting to feel quite satisfying.

Picnic Card Wall

Just off to the right is the current and next sprint, with the same smiling faces form pinned to cards.

Nick Josevski
Posted by: Nick Josevski  
Last revised: 18 Mar, 2014 11:47 AM


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