TypeScript is fantastic.

Basarat with TypeScript @ MelbJS

Today at MelbJS, Basarat will be giving a presentation on TypeScript and what it takes to get your compile time "blazing fast".

March 2014 MelbJS on Lanyard

If compile times for TypeScript was ever holding you back from adopting it, then rejoice as nothing stands in your way now.

The use of TypeScript in software development at Picnic cannot be faulted, it's been a great decision with no regrets, giving us refactoring confidence and just development pleasure.

The MelbJS session will not be recorded, but Basarat has some great walk-through videos up on YouTube, here's one on using TypeScript with Grunt.

If you want more videos do check out Basarat's YouTube Channel and if you ever need some guidance Bas and a band of merry TypeScript gurus can be found on twitter.

Nick Josevski
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Last revised: 18 Mar, 2014 10:21 AM


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