AngularJS directives allow you to manipulate the DOM in any way you want.

Basarat with Angular @ DDD Melbourne

DDD Melbourne is a non profit community event run by developers for developers, run annually on a Saturday, it's great event for software developers to catch up and learn.

This year Basarat is up and presenting on another key piece of technology used at Picnic which is AngularJS. We're new to Angular ourselves but are quite impressed so far.

Basarat DDD Melboune 2013

There are a lot of frameworks that allow you to do simple data-binding but break the clean "view - controller" separation when you need to do DOM manipulation. AngularJS is different. In AngularJS "directives" allow you to manipulate the DOM in any way you want while still maintaining that simple databinding relationship between your views and controllers.

Here's a quick video from Basarat about Angular Directives:

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