The tool set in use at Picnic in 2013

2013 Tool Set

A year ago in August of 2012 I listed out the tool set we used at Picnic, we were a smaller team back then so I thought it would be interesting to show the changes to our tool set a year later.

The list has gotten a lot shorter.

Issue Tracking / Development Planning

  • We moved away from FogBugz to YouTrack from JetBrains.
    • Reason: We adopted Trello in the interim then needed more capabilities, we went with Pivotol Tracker for a few months, but ended up moving to YouTrack we like the feature set and Team City integration.

Continuous Deployment & Integration

Team City, Octopus are still a major part of our CI process, we were using an internal NuGet server but no longer have that need.

Source Control

  • Exclusively Git on GitHub where we host our PicnicBasket account with some forks of the .NET libraries we use.
  • Command Line and SourceTree are the main ways (limited user of GitHub for Windows)

.NET Developement

Other Tools / Editors


  • Fiddler - Http level inspection
  • No longer need ChainSaw or NHProf (no longer using NHibernate)

Team Chat

  • Skype
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