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Jul 8 2015

Blue-Green Deploy

A long time coming, blue-green deployment now live.

May 25 2015

Welcome Ben

Today another senior engineer joins Picnic.

May 4 2015

Welcome Simon

Today a UX Specialist joins Picnic.

Feb 5 2015

Basarat's Node.JS book tour

Basarat's Node.JS book tour

Feb 2 2015

2015 Passing the torch

February 2015 Dave officially takes over as Picnic Software’s Solution Architect.

Nov 26 2014

Picnic @ ALT.NET Melbourne

Last night most of the development team shared a section of the app tech-stack / process - "Developing a flexible and scalable application."

Oct 15 2014

Welcome Ru

Picnic Software's new Business Analyst.

Aug 26 2014

Event Sourcing with F# - Andrew Browne

A deep dive into using Event Sourcing and F# for developing line of business web applications.

Apr 22 2014

Welcome Dave

Today another software engineer joins Picnic.

Mar 12 2014

Basarat with TypeScript @ MelbJS

TypeScript is fantastic.

Feb 25 2014

Nick on RavenDB @ ALT.NET Melbourne

Thinking in a document centric world with RavenDB @ ALT.NET presented by Nick Josevski.

Jan 28 2014

Andrew and EasyNetQ @ ALT.NET Melbourne

EasyNetQ is an easy to use .NET API for RabbitMQ.

Jan 6 2014

Hello 2014

Following a very busy end to 2013, we're saying hello to 2014.

Dec 31 2013

Farewell Ryo

Farewell Ryo who returns to Japan to resume his studies.

Nov 27 2013

Welcome Ruchi

Today we welcome another member to the Picnic team. This time in a Quality Assurance role.

Sep 30 2013

Card Wall


Aug 15 2013

2013 Tool Set

The tool set in use at Picnic in 2013

Jul 30 2013

F# wants you!

F# is a beautiful expressive language that allows you to do a lot with a little code.

Jul 20 2013

Basarat with Angular @ DDD Melbourne

HTML6 is already here and its name is Angular!

Jun 17 2013

Welcome Basarat

Today a new software engineer joins Picnic.

May 16 2013

Welcome Scott

Today a new software engineer joins Picnic.

Apr 9 2013

Development Environment Upgrade - V to P

We did a very simple deployment of a newly created development environment from a VM to a Physical machine and wanted to share it.

Apr 4 2013

Welcome Ryo

Today a new software developer joins Picnic.

Mar 18 2013
Feb 1 2013

Knockout.js - it's not all view models

An insight into how we're using Knockout.js for our apps.

Jan 25 2013 is live

Today we went live with

Nov 1 2012

Welcome Jo

Welcome aboard Jo Feehan

Sep 30 2012

How we hash passwords

C#.NET Code making use of PBKDF2 (Rfc2898DeriveBytes) to create strong password hashes.

Sep 15 2012

Hashing passwords it's not that hard.

It's disappointing how often basic password storage security practices are not followed.

Aug 30 2012

Using SignalR to deliver notifications.

Using SignalR and an event driven architecture to delivery timely information to users.

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